Our Story

Exterior of Grant Chapel AME Church in South Lake Worth, Florida

Grant Chapel’s beginning can be traced back to the late 1920s. Many black families who were forced out of the town of Lantana by the Ku Klux Klan moved to the Osborne section of Lake Worth, a small area of land between Lantana and 12th Ave. S, west of the Florida East Coast Railroad. In 1927, the population of the Osborne section increased as blacks emigrated from the Bahama Islands. Church services for the residents were held in the streets. The Bahamians held service on Washington Avenue while the ‘native blacks’ held theirs on Douglas Street led by “Rev.” Anderson, an ordained minister who was affectionately called “Rev.” by the white family he worked for.

Eventually, both groups built small wooden shacks to hold services in, but a storm destroyed them in 1928. The Bahamian Church was rebuilt and served as a school for the black children in the area. “Rev.” Anderson was determined to rebuild as well. The family he worked for admired his determination and consented to sell him the land he needed for his Church for $1.50.: Rev.” Anderson and the members completed the rebuilding project in 1929, officially naming the Church Grant Methodist Church. That early building was a wooden, one-room structure with an outdoor bathroom.

“Rev.”  Anderson served as the overseer of Grant until 1940 when the Rev. J.B. Blake was brought in to be the Pastor. Under his leadership, Grant Methodist was brought into the African Methodist Episcopal Church as Grant Chapel and placed in the West Palm Beach District. Rev.J. B. Blake served as Grant’s Pastor until 1943, going on to serve the A.M.E. Church as a Presiding Elder.

Grant Chapel was blessed with Rev. H. M. Salmon, who led the effort to build a new concrete facility. That vision was realized, and the first cornerstone was laid on April 7, 1944. Rev. E. J. Jackson was the Presiding Elder, and the Rt. Rev. H. Tooke’s was the bishop. The Church grew numerically and spiritually. By 1947, the Church held two services (11:00 am & 6:00 pm), Sunday School, A.C. E. League at 5:00 pm, and music lessons for the children. We are fortunate to have some of those children still with us today as active senior members.

In 1963, Grant Chapel was remodeled under the leadership of Rev. James Askew. The outdoor bathroom facilities were replaced, a dining room added, and a parsonage built for the Pastor. Brother Robert Bray and his wife Sister Josephine Bray served as Stewards respectively and witnessed the laying of the second cornerstone. By the Grace of God, Robert Bray is still with us today, serving in the same capacity. Since then, minor upgrades have been made to the building, and the additional property has been acquired for parking and future growth.

Grant Chapel has been blessed to have extraordinary leadership throughout its history. The following is a list of the Pastors who have served here (not in chronological order)

Rev. G. Anderson, Rev. J.B. Blake, Rev. H. G. Salmon, Rev. A. A Williams, Rev. Walker, Rev. Eugene Monroe, Rev. Nelson, Rev. James Askew, Rev. Hector Smith, Rev. Roosevelt Hardy, Rev, James Watson, Rev. E. Bellamy, Rev. Graham, Rev. A.C. Turner, Rev. James Cleare, Rev. I.S. Jones, Rev. Daniel Brown Jr, Rev. Kyle Gibson, Rev. Fredrick James and Rev. Floyd Narcisse. In November 2004, we were again blessed to have Rev. Rogery Adams assigned to Grant. He and his family are an inspiration to us and proof that God does answer prayer. Pastor Adams loves preaching and teaching the word of God and has a shepherd’s heart for God’s people. Rev. Fred James, Rev. Floyd Narcisse, and currently serving as the Pastor of Grant Chapel since September 18, 2020, Rev. Sonya J. McIntosh.

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